The Rose Empress Oils ☥ Cosmic Blue


Be transported to the cosmic ancient futuristic world of the dream time of our Egyptian ancestors. Anoint this sacred hypnotic oil from the heavenly realms on yourself or your loved ones before any special ritual, ceremony, or occasion.

* Can also be used as an all over body oil! I love it massaged on my head, lower back, and feet for a deeply nourishing activation through the senses.



The Rose Empress Oils: are made with the rose petals from the main altar and sacred ceremonies from Temple of the Rose, then cleansed in the ” Erotic Innocence ” Waterfall here on Kauai.

Ingredients: roses infused in sunflower oil, highest quality rose essence made from 2000+ roses, rare and very high-quality blue lotus essential oil. Simple three actual ingredients and all organic.

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