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Full Moon in Pisces – When the water is still, the reflection is clearest. 

This Full Moon and Penumbral eclipse is a magical, creative and sensual moon with a kick of renewing energy, clarity and ass kicking self reflection.

When the water is still the reflection is the clearest.

This is the message of the Moon in Pisces this eclipse. He the depths of our dreams and subconscious joined with the intelligent and thoughtful Virgo Sun has a message of awakening for us all. It is time to clear up those waters, remove the debris, blockages and stop spreading ourselves across too many insignificant streams and come into a place of stillness and pure wholeness.  This process may bring up some rather truthful and often hard to face personal revelations, either in the form of experiences or subtle signs and sometimes in the honest voice of a loved one or a simple questioning of your desires. Just as the water of Pisces flows and renews take this as an invitation for you to truly get to know yourself. This is all about YOU. Use this potential to bring clarity and awareness within, to surrender to what it is your higher self and soul is truly guiding you towards.

Pay attention to your dreams and subconscious thoughts now, where do they sit and are they in favour of your highest purpose or are you working against yourself? It may be that you have influenced your very own stale mate by being rigid in your ‘plan’ don’t feel as though surrender or letting go is a weakness, being flexible and open to opportunity could result in uncovering a diamond which you hid amongst your own rigidity.

Desire to be inflexible with our goals or dreams is a sign of a lack of balance and a need to hold on to the potentials outcome. The answer here is in the question – Am I able to surrender? Can you truly and honestly answer this with a YES! If the universe was to throw you a handful of curveballs, how would you respond? Would you be able to flow and allow yourself to be led or will you feel as though life or your choices have failed you? Nothing in life is wrong, bad for you or unrelated to your fulfilment of desires. Here is an opportunity to truly check in with that.

Start by being clear on what it is you truly desire out of life and begin to activate a plan that will allow you to achieve it. But look for the points where you are inflexible or perhaps even skipping steps. This will allow you to open up to higher levels of fulfilment, wealth, opportunity and release.

To activate and embody the potential of this full moon take the time to do something creative, and perhaps incorporate your goal setting by creating a vision board. Write a list of the things you love about yourself and what you have achieved so far. Cut off any loose ends. End those relationships, forgive those of the past, check in with yourself and release anything that is holding you back from knowing yourself and your environment on an intimate level.

You are being given an opportunity to asses your life and get rid of the shit that doesn’t serve you. Stop making excuses for he pointless, soul sucking assholes in your life who don’t honour your worth and push you to achieve your goals. Stop wasting time on jobs, activities, purchases and ideas that do not amplify your potential or abundance. JUST STOP. You have no one to blame for your own misfortune, loss, pain or grief but yourself. You are the sole decision maker in your life. You are the reason you stand here today reading this. LOVE THAT. Don’t blame anyone else, LOVE YOURSELF in each moment, remind yourself of your true worth, understand you are worthy of achieving and accessing all the wealth, joy, love, adventure, fulfilment, abundance, happiness whatever it may be you are lacking in, you deserve it. so GET IT GIRL.

Key Points this Full Moon

  • Karmic relationships,
  • Cutting off loose ends
  • Manifesting in the coming months
  • Letting Go
  • Surrender
  • Sensual
  • Acceptance of the plan B, C, D, E or even Z
  • Awareness of our ability to control and manipulate
  • Be kind in your thoughts and words
  • Remain silent if you are un-knowing
  • Let answer come to you before you even asked the question
  • Know you are worthy of fulfilment
  • Create your potential

Take the time to get creative, move your body to help removing blockages, go for a run, dance, play, sing, draw, write, paint, make something, anything, just let it flow. Take the time to really drop in and perform some exquisite self care acts, make this a weekly ritual, take a bath, out on a face mask, scrub your body, have a Yoni Steam, purchase some lingerie or take yourself out for a massage. Ideally do all of the above, but most of all be sure to honour, appreciate and be so loving to yourself that you feel the gold literally dripping off you by the end of the day. Cut some chords, make new friends, play and remember to accept your choices and their limitations.

You are a miracle of miracles. Manifest away and use this moon to fulfil your desires and goals today and everyday.

xx With So much LOVE and blessings for your prosperity and a peaceful alignment

Yanina SMM xx



  1. Kiara Spring

    YES! Love this Thank you SO much! Happiest full moon to all!

  2. Kayleh

    Absolutely loved this, I’m getting right on top of all these! This was truly the best! Thank you.


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