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Bringing Womb Consciousness to Men: The masculine is now opening to the mysteries of the Womb

There is something really amazing happening within the collective masculine consciousness now. We are seeing like never before Men Waking Up! And with this awakening of men, a new sensitivity and awareness is coming online within them. Things which were once not important and things which were not recognized before by men are now being seen, felt and appreciated as important.

Womb Consciousness and Womb Awareness is something that is now coming back into the collective male psyche and is something that we should be exploring as men. We need to start opening the process of understanding the “Womb”….

-So men can come to know the magic and mystery of the womb and how in the infinite depths of the womb the greatest treasures of presence and knowledge can be found.

-So men can feel how the Womb is one of the biggest gateways to conscious relationships. And it is one the most important areas in life where men can learn to show up more fully in relationships. And how Womb Awareness is a space where we can become more worthy and ready for divine mystical union.

-So men can see that the Womb process is already surrounding us. The collective masculine is being actively rebirthed into wholeness through the collective Womb.

Showing up for & Holding space for the Womb: Healing and exploring the spaces within us so we have the capacity to support the deepest spaces in our partner

Before we can show up for the Womb as men, we must go inward and heal. The current structures of men in relationship to the Divine Feminine and the Womb need to be seen, deconstructed, and realigned all the way to the core. The truth is that the deepest layers of the collective masculine still contains imbalance. Even though now we have some big shifts occurring and wonderful new teachings coming out…. deep down there is very old programing from generations back that are keeping men locked into old patterns despite our growing consciousness. And for us as men to really move forward as balanced beings, we must go back to those deep places and heal those original foundations and patterns/templates.

This is why doing the inner work is so important for men. The inner work is what transforms those old collective templates into the new aligned ones by first healing them in ourselves. And then when we start to live from these new evolved masculine templates, we open to the possibility of having a connection with Womb Consciousness.

Once we have healed our core patterns, we must then come to know our own limitlessness. Our ability as a man to show up for and hold space for the Womb is dependent on how deeply we have explored ourselves. The Womb and Womb Consciousness is the Void, a limitless place of infinite depth and space. And if we ever want to be qualified as men to hold space for the Womb we must be ready to explore the depths and limitless spaces in our own being. It is in these places where true Transformation and Growth can occur. And when we meet our partners from this space, they can truly feel it. And by holding this energy field it creates real safety for our partner/her Womb. It lets her know she can trust us to meet her in her depths without it overwhelming us.

Holding space for a womb same as holding space for a flower to bloom. It takes the perfect combination of gentleness, safety, depth, presence and love. The flower cannot be forced to open and bloom, you can’t bargain or manipulate it… the flower opens when the conditions are right and when the space is properly held.  When a man has healed the core of who he is and when he has the unshakable presence of his inner depth…then he is ready to meet his partner fully in her Womb.

One of the Biggest Relationship Tests for Men: How we react when we are in the presence of her Womb Space 

Being in the presence of her Womb Space can be a big test and trigger. For many of us men, it can feel terrifying to be in front of the infinite space and depth which the Womb embodies.  It can feel like floating in deep dark water. It is scary because it pushes men beyond where we are comfortable. And this test requires us to have the courage and stability to step into these unknown realms as an act of faith and devotion. Are we ready to step into her infinite depths willingly? 

The Womb can also be a trigger for men because it reminds us on many levels of our own forgotten and unexplored inner spaces. A woman’s depth can easily show us where our self-awareness is still shallow. Womb consciousness will stretch us beyond our comfortable limits.

Sexual Healing for Men: How Womb Awareness can create a new sexual template for men

The masculine archetype is one of insertion and penetration. We are always in the process of inserting our energy into the world and it is the same when we are making love to our partners. Every time we are making love, with every penetration we are giving to our partners the energy and the quality of consciousness we carry. So if the man is shallow and unaware, his penetration carries his lack of depth which can close down his partners Womb. But if the man carries in him a refined awareness of the sacredness of the womb, his penetration can be nurturing and opening for his partner. And every penetration from his depth is helping to heal past trauma in the collective feminine caused by unconscious masculine sexuality.

Men must also be aware that when we make love and engage with our partner’s Womb, we must be ready to surrender into her infinite depth. This is where the polarity of “fucking vs. being devoured by the void” was created in men. Most men know they are not capable of making love to a woman’s infinite womb space so they stay on the surface. Men often “fuck” as a way to avoid being devoured by the Womb depths. We are scared to visit these places because the price to be with the Womb as a man is Annihilation. This is man’s initiation to conscious sexual union with the Womb. Can he surrender his being to enter her Womb Temple. Then our act of penetration becomes an offering to her.

Men Uplifting Each Other:  Shifting the collective masculine through 

One of the most beautiful things to see is that men are stepping up to help other men grow and evolve. This evolution is possible because men are holding each other accountable and are embodying new qualities for the collective masculine to integrate.

  • Accountable for Boundaries: Men are starting to hold each other accountable for unhealthy boundaries. Instead of celebrating lack of integrity and immature behavior, men are starting to hold a higher standard for each other encouraging growth and deeper maturity.
  • Shifting into new ways of being through example: It is not easy for men to shift into a new way of being until we first see what that new way can look like. And this idea of showing up for the womb is something that all men innately have just most have forgotten it because it is not in the normal collective male curriculum. There haven’t been many way-showers of this awareness. But now is the time when these qualities are arising again. And now enough beautiful men have these qualities embodied enough which naturally helps call them forward in other men…..slowly changing the collective masculine one man at a time. And it all starts within.

When we learn to contact and connect with these spaces within our own being… then awareness of Womb Consciousness can be an important part in the evolution of the Collective Masculine.




  1. Leocadia

    Deeply beautiful Oliver . This was such an inspiring way to start my day . To remember the strength in my brothers, in my lovers. Thank you for guiding the way for the divine mascluine in this never ending cosmic dance. Many blessings and thanks .

  2. Andrée

    Wonderfully insightful; I value the evolutionary healing and perspective you offer about the Divine Masculine! Thank you for helping to share this wisdom and archetypal transformation! Much love, light and blessings to you.


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