“The womb illumination journey was like nothing I expected or have ever experienced. I have healed or begun to heal so many aspects of my feminine self. I have allowed my inner child to come forward for healing….as well as my teenage, young adult and present selves. There were times in the beginning of this journey that I questioned whether I was in the right place. I felt alienated in some ways as I am no longer menstruating and a lot of the material centered around sacred blood and blood offerings. But I persevered and was called to stay the course.
I realize now the vast importance of a woman in menopause to have been on this journey. My maiden….that beautiful soul who was so wounded during those years of sacred blood…needed to somehow be a part of the journey along with all of you during your offerings and ceremony. Through all of you beautiful sisters and your willingness to share your journey, I was able to realize some deep healing that I may never have received otherwise. I learned the importance of returning blood to the earth, and how to honor it. I healed that young innocent maiden who was raised in a belief system which dictated that those times were to be kept hidden, and flushed down the toilet or taken out with the trash. I felt an enormous amount of sadness surrounding this….I mourned my wounded soul, all the sacred blood I wasted. But I also began to heal and rejoice….at the birth of a new dawn, an awakening and a realization of the sacred feminine. I have cried so many tears on this journey….tears of anger, frustration, shame, sadness. But also tears of intense, illuminated joy, gratitude, and celebration! I have healed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined in the beginning, and you have created the most magical, yummy and beautiful community ever! I am ever so grateful for this safe space created…..
The healing will continue as I now have the tools and resources that my spirit so needed. Thank you, Shona and all your guests for your wisdom, your vulnerability, your openness and willingness to open your wounds for us to witness, share and heal in. You are light workers….you are illuminating the world. You have certainly helped illuminate mine, and I hope to carry that forward and help illuminate others. In endless gratitude and with boundless blessings.”

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