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As I sit to type this, visualizing what came through on that beautiful day with Shona sitting in my living room, I hear in the distance of my thoughts; the things I “could” have said, my mind asks, “did I give enough?”.
I take a deep breath into my womb and I feel my knowing, that I am enough, there is no need to force or prove anything. All is well.

Honestly, it is difficult for me to recall what came through in that interview. So, I am sharing from this space now. Knowing its all perfect.
I have recently had an adrenal fatigue crash which I am in the midst of healing, so my mind is afraid that I was not on my “A-game” and maybe I wasn’t as clear to communicate for you to receive something important for your healing.
This is exactly what I am here to remember, embody and express. I believe you are too.
It is our birthright to Self nurture, to cultivate and care for that deep connection to the wellspring that is your life force energy, your power, creativity, abundance, wisdom and pleasure in life. 
It is not your job to save others, nor to exhaust your own life force in order to be of service or have purpose. 
You are here for a purpose. You matter. Your voice, your unique passions, what fires you up and what turns you on; it is all in you for a purpose… 
To shift our planet from fear to love. 
If it is fear that holds you back, fear of failure, fear of success, fear of being ‘too much’ or ‘not enough’, fear of rocking the boat or fear of losing what’s dear to you, now is the time to love that fear and step forward courageously.
That courageous stepping into your power may also look like non-action for a time; it may take the form of going into the womb chamber and being in deep solitude and rest.
We have been taught to push and do, and that nurturing our body and spirit is somehow weak. This is the patriarch way, and it denies the feminine. It denies you listen to your body, your rhythms and your womb wisdom.
I stood on top of a mountain a few weeks ago and married myself. I gave vows to love, cherish and honor myself. I cried as I looked out into the majesty of the mountains around me.
I felt myself cry for all the times I did not honor myself and my body. Where I pushed through instead of stopping to listen to her cry for rest and honoring that instead of the voice of “but you have to do this”, the voice of scarcity if I didn’t ‘make’ things happen.
I cried for the struggle it took to survive what I did from a young age, scrambling uphill to reach this point where I finally can allow myself to rest and be fulfilled with my own Shakti.
The mountains wiped my tears as they bellowed back to me, “You are strong and victorious like us. Man drills us for oil and gas, clears out forests for consumption, and still we stand tall and victorious. You, Woman, are just like us.”
Dear Woman, you are strong and victorious like the mountains. 
Whatever came before and whatever may come, remember this. 
Learn to nurture the part of you that is a wellspring of life. Your womb holds the possibilities and destiny of harmony, compassion and transformation for us all.
Listen to the tides of your body as they wane from full expression and action to inner rest and insight.
Give yourself the gift of allowing your body to be your sacred temple of pleasure, passion, truth and power.
What doesn’t serve you, also doesn’t serve the rest of us. 
So, choose to love yourself enough to say no to what doesn’t nourish you sweet sister, and know that we thank you for standing tall and victorious for us all and our Mother Earth.
Turn your womanly hips, ignite your inner pulse, caress your soft skin and breathe into your womb wisdom. Plant a seed deep within you, to nourish yourself and to flourish in your own time and way.


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