I have been in mama bliss heaven on my moon, Isvara has fallen asleep in my arms for his afternoon naps the last three days and it’s brought me back to the days when I was able to rock him to sleep in my arms as the Divine Mothers sacred nectar poured from my nipples ( aka breast milk )

Many of you don’t know how short-lived my breastfeeding journey was with my sweet angel Isvara due to not being able to produce enough milk because I chose to get breast implants in my younger years as I was indoctrinated by a false beauty-driven society, as many young women are that aren’t taught to self-source from Sophia Gaia at a young age.

I don’t share about it too often on here not because I am uncomfortable about it but because I am listening very deeply to my guides who are telling me to remain in the mystery and only share a little for now.

Plus it’s a major piece to the book I have been writing this past year that just revealed her name on 12/12 “ The Rose Lineage A Legacy of Love  “

Its been so nice actually to not be sharing very much on social media this last month, I have been so refreshingly committed to the presents revealing themselves in the present moment that I haven’t had time.

Ok so back to the raw, and real share…having breast implants and trying to breastfeed like normal resulted in a lot of emotional and physical pain trying to keep up with the natural flow of milk to feed my baby boy, truly wasn’t possible. It was also extremely painful when the plastic implant in my chest pushed on my heart too much and left no space for the milk to produce itself. Even worse the whole process triggered the autoimmune illness that I had developed from having two plastic objects over my heart for the last nine years which made my postpartum healing a very deep initiation into the underworld and back.

There were days and nights where my beloved would be the only one able to care for our son as I was so unwell, Thank you @micahskye for being the best daddy and taking care of us!

My heart ached, longed, opened, let the liquid love light of Sophia in like never before!

This sacred pilgrimage into Sophia’s arms has broken me, mended me, blasted me, closed me and then just when I thought I couldn’t possibly handle any more pain she cracked my heart open again wider, wiser to more dark mysteries and to more magnificent magic than I could ever have dreamed was even possible.

The shift in my conciseness has been breath-taking, the succulent sound frequencies upgrades have been life-changing, and the levels of increased sensitivities have become my superpowers.

I have never had a deeper longing for anything in my life, I have never yearned for anything more in my life.

These limitations have been such deep initiations that have pushed me to a place of total surrender. Allowing me to develop, find, and access new ways of producing sacred heavenly nectar to nourish my son, myself, my family and my sacred service to this planet.

Since not being able to produce milk for him when he was around 6-months old/new I have been in and out of this deep inner introspection process around feeling if Isvara really needed me or if this world really needs my services? If I am even able to actually be a mother to him in all the normal ways that mothers are able to nourish, nurture, and support the children they conceive, grow, birth, and feed.

This process had left me feeling inadequate, replaceable, and forced me to deeply dive into every aspect of myself that I hadn’t fully allowed myself.

It brought up all my co-dependency issue, all the ways in which I had sought after approval from my mother, father, sisters, brothers, lovers, and society. It has shown me all the ways in which I just wished to please the masculine but didn’t please myself first, all the ways in which I yearned to love and be loved.

This experience has shown me, shaped me, and raped me of my urges to be free from what society had put on me!

Everything truly started to make sense after my mother came here from Australia and she shared with within the first 24 hours that she only breastfed me for 6-months due to me biting her and not wanting to lose any more aspects of beauty to her breasts as she already had her breastfeeding fix with my sister. I saw the radiant red rose thread and remnants of a way that had been led, I made my peace with it and made a clear agreement of what I wish to not carry forth in this sacred lineage of the Rose in my line and Legacy of Love. I am in the moment began to plant a new way of being around beauty. The very next day I literally planted three Rose bushes, one for my grandmother, one for my mother, one for me and my unborn daughter ( I am not pregnant or want to conceive another child but I just feel her coming to me a lot whilst I write this book ).

I have emerged from this intensely intricate iridescent incarnation a new woman with so many codes from other realms, connections with ancient ones, and I no longer feel cut off from the natural supply, support, and source of becoming a mother and being a mother in the name societies version of beauty. I have been so deeply humbled by this whole experience and it has gifted me the most beautiful blessing of all…unwavering devotion, connection, and a consecrated contract with The Our Divine Mother, Gaia Sophia.
All my love,
A thousand rose petals at your feet in devotion to you and your path,
Radiating Rose Love,

Shona Keeli



  1. Veena Lenae

    Beautiful, mama. Thank you for sharing your journey. <3

  2. Reen Sarai

    so beautiful,
    so healing to read your words
    thank you for this vulnerable share
    someone dear to me…..
    I understand them now…
    letting go
    waves fo forgiveness and compassion are a wave of love
    bless you, sister!


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