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Illuminate your Womb with the 7 Yoni Gateways

The 7 Yoni Gateways offers a map to navigate the physical and spiritual anatomy of your Divine Feminine landscape.

Yoni herself goes by many names, including Pussy, Cunt, Vagina, Vulva, and I’m sure you can call forth of a few more.  Although she has many names, she is anonymous to each of us until we personalize our relationship with her and open ourselves to the intimacy she requires. Getting to know your yoni is the journey of getting to know yourself.

As women, our reasons for getting to know our yonis is as vast as her many names.

Sometimes it is a healing crisis that calls us to connect with her and unravel a lineage of issues. Other times it is healthy curiosity that pulls us to her fertile mystery. Perhaps it is simply the desire to discover your beauty, or feel more creative, or sexually vibrant that lures you to her warmth.   Whatever reasons are calling you at this time, the best place to start your yoni journey is to clarify the seeds of your calling, because the seeds will determine the fruits your journey will blossom.

Why do you want to connect with your yoni?


Once you’ve establish the deeper desire calling you on your yoni quest, take a deep womb breath and bless this calling.   All reasons for taking a yoni quest are the divine in disguise guiding you to uncover your true feminine power and potency.

During the Womb Illumination transmission between Shona Keeli and myself, Laüra Hollick, we explored the 7 Yoni Gateways as a way to navigate your yoni quest.

I invite you to explore the 7 Yoni Gateway chart with an intuitive glance. Notice what gets your attention. Trust yourself, and know what intrigues you is a clue from your yoni about where she would like to deepen your exploration.


Getting to know your Divine Feminine Energy through the 7 Yoni Gateways opens the door to deeper intimacy, healing and creative ripening.

Want to go even further on your yoni quest and Womb Illumination?

Get to know your unique Yoni Personality Type with my free quiz: What is your Yoni Personality Type?


Wishing you fruitful fun on your yoni quest to full Womb Illumination!

With much love,

Laüra Hollick


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