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Money is just energy. Money is a tool of exchange, one that I want spiritual women to get down with on an entirely new level. Money responds to who you are. Money responds to your emotional patterns, and to the energy that you emit. How do you feel in relationship with money?


Because you are in a relationship with money, you know…

The sacral chakra is the seat of your individuality, self-expression, and self-worth. It’s where your power arises from, as do your deepest emotions. It’s within this center that you can access new waves of valuing and honoring yourself, and in doing so, change the way the cosmos pays you.


I want you to know that you deserve a life of total abundance. You deserve work that’s not only soul-satisfying, but financially nourishing too. You came here to discover what Heaven feels like in a body — and there is no lack within the consciousness of Heaven.


I like what Barbara Stanny says in her book, Sacred Success. She says that greatness lies where your gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet. Your greatness is your abundance, and money flows to you most when you’re walking out your dharma…


If you do the work to have a healthy relationship with money and material wealth, you will serve your family, your community, and your soul-contracts on a much deeper level.


What’s standing between you and the amazing money relationship that you desire?


As an infant, you were wired for a certain level of safety and security in your life. Your nervous system picked up clues and messages in your environment, and you were developed by them. Unraveling your money stuff might feel really tough + deep at first, but it’s so worth it.


Here’s what I didn’t say during my interview with Shona that I could have:


I decided from a young age that I was ‘too good’ for money.

I’d shrug money off as if it didn’t matter, but my lack of awareness was controlling and directing my life in ways I didn’t like.

I heard the story, “it’s easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than a rich man to enter the kingdom of Heaven,” and I thought it was true.

For years, I avoided fines, tickets, and bills, because I had a fear of dealing with all of it.

I’d leave unopened bills in a pile.

I was unorganized, and I was making my existence harder.

I was a good earner, but would look up a week after I was paid with nothing to my name.

I lived a paycheck to paycheck life, and it was stressful.

When I became pregnant, I woke up.

I had some BIG changes to make in relationship to money.

I stripped away the layers, and released that ‘spiritual superiority’ (that I’m too good for money vibe that I didn’t even know I had).

I also changed my emotional patterns around money.

I started to value myself and my time more.

I developed more confidence and ease in receiving money, because I cultivated genuine respect it.

I started to handle money like a Queen, saving automatically, and delaying my gratification.

No more impulse buys. No more anxious spending.

I got really tuned in to my feelings around money.

I had long and sometimes difficult conversations with my partner, to keep us on the same page, and to keep the energy moving + flowing.

I saw my projections and I took my power back.

I intentionally put myself in opulent settings, to feel the essence of material wealth.

I re-conditioned myself to work less, and make more.

I taught myself to allow more pleasure into my body and life.


Money likes clarity. It’s time to clear your energy around it. It’s time to tend to it lovingly in your life.

It’s time to develop a healthy loving relationship to money — just like you would a lover.


If you don’t love money, you are repelling money. Money is love, money is a sacred tool.

You are a steward of money — a caretaker. Envision all the good you will do, when you are operating from over-flow?


I have watched this happen in my life, and in the lives of my clients. Turn off the anxiety, worry, and fear. Turn up the ease, prosperity, abundance, and overflow.


What I want you to walk away with today:


  • Money responds to who you ARE before all else.

  • The more you value yourself, the more money will flow to you.

  • You can change your emotional patterns to money.

  • You can use obsidian to show you what relationships and projections are no longer serving your highest good.

  • You can cultivate and circulate your sexual energy to increase your manifestation power.

  • Money is here to serve your divine life purpose, should you let it.


Thanks so much for reading + being YOU,


I’m truly honored to have been given the opportunity to serve you in this way,


Big Love + Big Money Magic,

Jillian Xx



Love + Grace,
Jillian Anderson
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