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Your feminine body is a ritual space. A living landscape governed by feminine rhythms, rhythms that encompass all flavors of your Inner Woman.

We’ve already been touched by so many flavors of wisdom, and flavors of women’s work shared throughout these months of Womb Illumination interviews. All of these women have reminded me of one the core reasons I love working with the menstrual cycle as the most foundation piece; because it contains all of these flavors of women’s wisdom. Our cyclic bodies guide us into wholeness, when we begin to work with every phase of our cycle.

When we learn the cyclic language of our feminine bodies and cycles, we may at first glance just meet the untamed yin of our moon-time and bleeding phase. But when you dig deeper, the 4 phases you travel through in a healthy monthly menstrual cycle reveal so much more. Every phase of your menstrual cycle awakens you in a unique way, bringing out different faces of your Inner Woman.

From pre-ovulation and ovulation, through your premenstrual and bleeding phases, you are guided by the different needs your body have, the way your Inner Woman wants to express herself at different times, the many flavors of your sensuality and sexuality enlivening you in different ways each day of your cycle.

It becomes a daily ceremony to meet the Inner Woman awake in you at this time in your cycle, at this time in your life. And so it continues, when we journey through the feminine rhythms of pregnancy, early mothering, perimenopause, and menopause. Each carrying their own signature and initiation into parts of ourselves that are necessary to reclaim again and again.

The most beautiful part is that this cyclic wisdom is available within you. Your deepest initiations into becoming the woman you came here to be are at your fingertips. All you have to do is enter the conversation with your body, Inner Woman, and feminine center, every single day.

The daily tuning in with The Five Daily Questions is your access into living the wisdom that awakens you every single day in your wild feminine, cyclic body (if you pay close attention).  From there you can take action, heal imbalances, and begin living as the woman you came here to be, day by day.

I could have never imagined the world that would open up from the moment I started listening and living from my feminine center, and allowing my menstrual cycle to guide me and initiate me. It all started with the simple practice of The Five Daily Questions that I still continue to use after many years, and share with all my clients.

With your healing hands on your lower belly and feminine center, breathing into the wild landscape of your pelvic bowl – allow each day to begin from the very center of your feminine body. Let the phase of your cycle, or season of life guide you. Let your Inner Woman guide you with deep sensual breaths bringing you home even in the midst of a busy life. Allow each flavor of your cyclic body and Inner Woman to claim space in your life, to be seen, heard, and felt through your body. Welcome home sister!

~Indigomoon Enemark, Women’s Wisdom Keeper, creator of Inner Woman Yoga & signature workshop Master Your Menstrual Cycle.


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  1. Florence

    Thank you ❤️
    This is Important
    We are so much more than we know
    We have to take the knowledge back
    Thank you for getto g us to remember Who we are ❤️


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