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The womb exists as the alchemical cauldron of the Great Mystery. In both the Taoist system of philosophy and practice as well as the Tantric, the idea of yoking our identification with duality into the harmonious experience of unity is the ultimate goal. As we enter deeply into the mystery of existence through the gateway of the womb, we begin to uncover maps to our own innate wholeness, our true virginity, and the ultimate sovereignty wherein there is no longer an experience of separation, but now a complete merger with Divine Love. This is the path of these sacred lineages of feminine power and beauty such as Temple Dance, Jade Egg Practice, Priestess Arts and Tantra; to merge seamlessly with the Divine that already lives and breathes us in the flesh.

As women we are intimately connected with the ever-changing tides of the lunar cycles. Within our wombs, ovaries, and the cycles that govern them, we are blessed with a profound alchemical formula to accessing deep gnosis of the nature of life, as well as our own sacred union within.

An inner alchemical map for this Divine Union in the female body is as follows:

While we are menstruating we can tap into our Shakti (feminine) essence, or Rakta, the essence of blood and the energy of the Dark Moon. During our ovulation we can merge with, and tap into our Shiva (masculine) essence, or Shukra, the essence of seed and energy of the Full Moon with the release of our ovum, or egg. In Taoism, the symbol of the Yin Yang represents just this; the feminine merging into and becoming the masculine and the masculine then merging back into and becoming the feminine. The left half of our body holds our lunar, feminine energy, while the right side holds the solar, masculine energy. We can then connect our ovaries, the storehouses of our life-force energy to these dual energies; our feminine, lunar, red, blood essence in the left ovary and our masculine, solar, white, seed essence on the right side. Our womb then becomes the void between these two poles; the place that exists beyond duality and absolutes, the realm of the Great Mystery Herself from which all things birth and to which all things

return. We can then use the cauldron of the womb to alchemize the essence of the left/feminine ovary and the right/masculine ovary into amrita, the nectar of alchemical union between the immanent and transcendent, our own masculine and feminine energies. This potent essence can then be circulated throughout our bodies via the central channel and used to feed our dreams, prayers, vitality, sexuality and eventually the immaculate conception and birth of our own spiritual awakening!

I share this with you that you may see the immense possibility inherent in unlocking the wisdom of your womb through both ancient and modern maps into Her mystery. Whatever your intention with this work, the possibilities are limitless. Whether you are seeking healing, empowerment, radiant expression, sensual ecstasy, or spiritual liberation, the path of the womb contains the keys to unlock your highest potential and deepest wisdom. There is no failure or success, right or wrong, good or bad on the path of Womb Illumination, only a continuous invitation to listen to the pulse, to surrender into the void of the unknown again and again, and to gleam the embodied wisdom that only you can discover for yourself. You are your own womb Guru!

Blessed be your journey on your path of Womb Illumination!

In Love and Devotion, Halo Seronko

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  1. Jules Mahina Alice

    Very beautiful thank you. I did so much healing and lately find myself aching in my womb, also with a 5cms cyst.
    Reading your words affirms all my body is leading me to. Thank you
    I do not know If I need to work with you physically yet. I am in Ibiza, an island off Spain as I trust my body is guiding me and i also guide women to guide themselves. Plus financially i am cautious as it is winter here and we are like squirrels storing out metaphorical nuts
    For now I will follow you and listen to your podcasts i read about. I meet you via Sarah Jane in Australia who I met and worked with in Ibiza.
    Sending love and sacred rain drops on a gorgeous Mediterranean winter’s day
    Jules xxx


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