Jessica Carey


“My womb illumination with my beautiful sister Shona was a graceful, sacred and liberating rebirthing of the stuck, stagnant energies held in the deepest parts of my womb. The suppressed passion, creativity and sensuality released as I felt the divine energies flowing freely through my womb space to ignite the embodiment of a feminine goddess. Magical feelings of connection to my yoni and the deepest parts of my intuition made me feel the purest of love within my body, my feminine essence and my heart space. My temple of love nurtured and touched in ways I had not even connected to myself. My sacred space igniting into the depths of my power, healing and divine grace. I feel truly blessed to have crossed paths with goddess Shona. More women need her touch and spirit to illuminate their sacred womb space and the awakening of their sensual, passionate, creative, feminine inner goddess that’s ready to be let free.”

Kristy de la Torre


“I have had the blessing of meeting this beautiful sister, Shona many moons ago, and have witnessed the growth and incredible dedication and commitment she has to the rising of the feminine and healing of the sisterhood. The work she does is potent. This woman’s offerings are truly a gift to the world. I had the honor of receiving one of Shona’s womb whispering sessions while I was living in Kauai. Her ability to hold space for the healing and opening of our most sacred treasure, the womb and yoni, is impeccable. She holds such an integral space to allow you to go to places that you have not yet explored. Using her intuition, healing abilities and her voice she allows you to surrender into a safe space for the Remembering of your divinity to unveil. Grateful to walk this evolutionary path with this sister”

Gabriela Sopata


“My experience with Shona has been transformational. From the first time we talked on the phone, I felt her being very supportive and understanding. Shona has a gift of tuning in your womb matrix and helps you go through the process of releasing, healing…whatever there is for you to work through to see, to heal, to empower. I personally had many visions during sessions with Shona. I released a lot of “old stuff” and got my kundalini rising, “woke up” my sexual energy. Shona guided me through some challenging times. She provided me with healing herbs and other tools, that I can use any time now, when I’m in need. She is very knowledgeable and intuitive, which makes her really good in what she does. I very much recommend her work. It’s very unique what she does and so needed by most of us!”

Azriela Ferro


“Shona’s Womb Illumination session was the first sacred yoni massage + healing i had ever received from another woman. It felt like something I should have received as a rite of passage at age 16. Here I am at age 30, receiving this sacred healing touch and was in tears most of the time…in a beautiful state of release. It was healing, beautiful, gentle and powerful. It’s incredible how potent healing touch can be when given with such pure intention. Shona is offering very empowering work and I do recommend it to any woman wanting to feel more in touch with their femininity, sexual creative power and with their own body temple. “

Diana C. Paez


“I’m feeling deep waves of gratitude for my sister Shona as I reflect upon my womb healing session with her. Doing this potent work with her was a powerful catalyst to a series of events that reconnected me to a sacred part of me that I had built walls around as so many other women do. My body knew it was time for a profound change; to clear stagnancy and to help me assess energetic blocks that were hindering my sexuality and connection to my feminine power. Working with her was so beautiful – intense, yet gentle. She held such a delicious, sensual space for me as massaged, and sang mermaid lullabies into my womb. Even the smallest details, like the feather caresses to open me up to the treatment was so special and sultry, I felt like a Queen being treated by another beautiful Queen. The herbal infusion, yoni steam was such a delight as I meditated and integrated the session afterwards. I felt so cleansed, nourished and healthy in my womb area afterwards, and my moon cycles after this treatment were so much less painful and smoother. I have so much more to say about her and her work, it goes far beyond her treatments. I feel so honored and blessed to have met this Goddess and ancient wisdom keeper, doing such important work for all the women she touches in this world.”

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