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Aloha Sisters!

I am honored to share this sacred temple space with you. A big thanks goes out to Shona for birthing Womb Illumination Summit as she created her first baby!

Shona and I have a deep bond – as we shared in our interview, and I am touched to be an integral part of baby Isvara’s journey into form. I am deeply honored to have played a role in the manifestation of this sacred being (which we share in the interview) synchronistically arriving at the dark moon of my transmission! What a blessed interweaving of our paths!

For those that listened to my interview, I hope that you received something that helps you embody more of your beauty and power. From the ancient lineages of women who have gone before… and the shamans and medicine men and women who honored the womb as sacred… I offer these teachings to you.

You have a potent role to play at this time in history.

For the past 6 years, I have been hearing the message from the Golden Goddess that the world needs the Feminine and it needs it now! Our world is out of balance and it is thirsty for the nourishment from the feminine… and it manifests through you!

The world needs your special feminine beauty, power, compassion and fierce love if we are to survive and thrive.

The time has come for women like you to embody your beauty, wisdom and power.

The ancient teachings our sisters have passed down to us for thousands of years are here.
The temples are resurrecting and and your family, your sisters and the earth is hungry for you to carry the wisdom. Each woman is a temple. Your womb is a temple. Let us embody as much wisdom and beauty as possible and fill this earth with divinely empowered feminine beings!

We have a unique opportunity as women in the Western world as we can embody power, beauty, sexuality in a safe and honorable way. We can unfurl, we can convene in sisterhood, we can openly share the sacred feminine wisdom.

The earth needs us, the animals need us, women need us, children need us and the men need us.

With the prevalence of pornography affecting the views men have on women and sex, it is only the women that will change this tide.

It is up to you and me to carry our sexuality in the way that WE want to be connected with that will hold the bar and educate the men.

And so, we have a powerful task at hand to own and know the sacredness of our bodies and sacred sexual alchemy so that we hold the template for other women, for our men and daughters.

In service to this goal, I have been initiated into sacred sexual traditions and spiritual and now share these initiations.

The Art of Love for Men

I was guided to create a comprehensive sexual initiation for men on the female body called THE ART OF LOVE. This course shares with men how to connect to a woman in a sacred manner weaving shamanic and Taoist arts.

Sacred Sexual Initiation for Women

white-tigress-teachingsTHE SEXUAL TEACHINGS OF THE WHITE TIGRESS. These teachings were brought to the West by my teacher, Hsi Lai, author of The Sexual Teachings of the White Tigress, about 15 years ago and there are only a handfull of us that teach this. These sexual teachings give a whole new light to how and why to relate with our sexuality for the purpose of health, youthfulness and spiritual development. In the White Tigress Initiation I share the science and teachings of the White Tigress Tradition as well as the initial practices. http://bethleone.net/product/white-tigress-initiation/

The Priestess Path for Women

Every human being on this earth was birthed through a woman’s womb. Every world leader from time immemorial had a mother and the mother, woman holds deep power, creativity and responsibility. Women have a powerful role to play in the navigation of this world and I offer a 6 month PRIESTESS PATH designed to initiate female leaders in ceremony, spirituality and sacred sexuality.

You are the manifesting Creatrix

You are the womb of creation. You can harness this power within you to create your dreams. It may take some learning and some work: work to clear, work to heal, work to communicate, self worth work and finding the right teacher to work with… but YOU can experience perfect health, you can heal from disease, you can have beautiful and empowered relationships and you can create the life that you want. The raw materials are here. The environment is ripe.

In my interview I shared many teachings, including my personal story of healing and using my challenges as reasons to learn the medicine I now carry.

There is one thing that I kept hearing Shona ask on behalf of the many women she is communication with:

Women are asking how to use their womb for manifestation.

So, I would like to respond to this by sharing a few simple, yet powerful steps of womb manifestation here.
A woman’s womb naturally magnifies energy and manifests. I speak more about this in my book, The Yoni Care Handbook.


The womb is a portal that brings Spirit into Matter. The womb, as inter dimensional portal may be cooperated with consciously to bring ideas and desires into form. Here are the simple steps of how to use your womb to manifest your heart’s desires.


1) FOCUS: By virtue of being human, we manifest. Our thoughts are manifesting and the vibration we emit is manifesting because thoughts and vibration coalesce matter into circumstance and form. Therefore, it is very important to choose to FOCUS ON WHAT WE WANT.

2) WRITE IT DOWN: Create a seed to plant by writing down exactly what you want, or drawing a picture. Try to keep it to one simple sentence, or one simple picture. Best is to create a symbol for your desire that the subconscious can easily imprint.

3) THANK INFINITE INTELLIGENCE: Speak out loud and with sincere conviction “Infinite Intelligence (or , Great Mystery, Light, God, Creator), thank you for my _________ (perfect health, the perfect car, the resolution of this matter, etc.) manifests under grace in a perfect way!” This potent manifestation command, courtesy of the late Florence Scovel Shinn plants in your deep wisdom the architecture of the form you desire.)

3) ADD BLOOD & SEXUAL ENERGY: To supercharge your manifestation, put some menstrual blood on the sentence or symbol while giving thanks for the manifestation. For example, while you trace your symbol with your menstrual blood, say “Infinite Intelligence, I give thanks for my perfect health now.”

You can add even more charge to your manifestation by imbuing it with creative sexual energy. At the time of orgasm, send a picture of your manifest desire into the center of the Universe (God, The Light, The Womb Creatirx). This is why you create a simple picture/symbol. This way, you plant your seed into the womb of Creator. Then, let it go, so that it may gestate freely in God’s womb and be birthed unto you.

This is a simplified form of sexual magic combined with the power of the spoken word.

For one on one instruction, I have significantly discounted my rates to support Womb Illumination participants connect to this wisdom in the the WHITE TIGRESS INITIATION.

Many blessings,


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