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Its such an honor to share with you all my greatest of passions.

Many years ago, when I stepped onto this path, I had dreamed of the modern mystery school.

A breathing living temple dedicated to sacred feminine arts. All women returning to discover their birth rite of embodiment practices & sharing in true sisterhood.

 I have met so many sister’s over the years expressing there soul’s yearning for healing & unconditional love among women. To be heard & seen in our most authentic self is one of the most powerful things. This brings us back into the magic of the ancients drawing down the moon into a blossoming circle of union. We the visionaries & wild women shinning our light & reflecting our souls song into collective remembrance.

 It is an honor & great blessing to facilitate & share this journey of awakening the body temple. My inspiration for over 13 years has been create sacred spaces & teach the cultivation of vitality practices. Dance has brought me home & it is through dance as spiritual practice in devotion to the goddess.

I feel the importance of sharing the inspiration of all my teachers whom have guided & supported me with bright open hearts. It is nature, my greatest teacher, that replenishes me. This well of inspiration allows me to teach a well-versed and unique offering of how different elements inspire daily practice, which then ripples out into my life path. 

 I am currently collaborating with holistic practitioner’s who share the vision of women empowering women. To offer specialized R.M.A workshops & retreats on healing issues of separation of sisterhood, Re-establishing a healthy body image, recovering from abuse & the sacred phases of a woman’s life menstruation,(maiden) pregnancy, (mother)menopause.(crone)

 If you are interested in hosting me to Teach a R.M.A workshop in your city please contact me. I am here in heart service. I am so thrilled to share we shall return to Hawaii for our 3 annual Radiant Priestess Retreat  April 24-May 2 2017. This is a week long retreat focusing on yin nourishment, sacred dance & women’s vitality practices. A chance share within sisterhood, unplug & return to pele’s womb of transformation. 

 In summer 2017 I am excited to share a special program called Crescent Moon for young women ages 13-17 empowering self confidence & sisterhood support.

For all info & upcoming events www.ritualmovementarts.com




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