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Womb as Portal to an Awakened Civilization

The process of creation within the womb mirrors all the essential elements of His story and Her story ~ how masculine and feminine relate to one another, the potential of Divine Union, the crisis of our Humanity and its impending resurrection ~ these are all tied up in the way the womb is honored.

If you believe in reincarnation, then you know we have all been women, and we have all been men.  We have ALL been subject to massive acts of abuse AND we have all been the abusers …. Somewhere in our DNA and soul records, we have each felt the mystery of life swelling in our bellies, and we have each struggled with feelings of unsafety while we grow this life.   So how does our relation to the womb hold a key to Divine Union, both between the sexes and our Union with the Creator?

Beyond the veil, our perfect wholeness whispers to us the path home, and has actually laid these pieces of ‘separation’ before us to learn the mysteries of Love.  Universal Principle #1 : our pain, sacrifices, and challenges are the door to our Ascension.  Our journey as humans is to find wholeness within the seeming separation and restore Original Innocence as the ground of all our experience, relations, and actions.  Moving from this place of innocence when so much distortion and cruelty has occurred is the only way to heal the rifts of our consciousness and awaken as embodied divinity.  The rifts in our consciousness are also the origin of our gender rifts, as we know the Soul of Man and Woman is the same, yet we have embodied different aspects of the Oneness.

With any true growth, our sacred intention can be for clearing our personal and collective karmic past, until we are no longer living from past and enter True Freedom as co-creators of our reality in sovereign equality.  New cultures will be built upon this radical leap of navigating without our wounds steering the ship.  The Womb is the space in which the seeds of our creation as Man and Woman are either cultivated in reverence or perpetuate distortions and karmas.

Here in Hawaii where I live, we have a term ~ Ho’opono’pono ~ it is a way of life and a continual process of ‘making right’, bringing all into balance, and restoring original innocence in all our relations.  It is tied in to what we understand as ‘forgiveness,’ but is so much more than that.  When we forgive and respect that each being has purity in their original intent but may have been swayed out of that sacred alignment, then we release the charge of blame and judgment.  We offer the gift of innocence to the other and ourselves, we drop perception of right and wrong and move with humility beyond the veil of the moment to our timeless essence together.  From this innocence restored, peace can prevail again, whereas before that, opposition clouded our journey.

But this process of forgiveness and ‘making right’ must happen at a collective level, as this is how deeply embedded it is into our beings ~ it has woven into our psyches, our socio-cultural imprints, and into the fabric of our DNA.  The first step is to take ownership of our own essence and the ways we have perpetuated these wounds and separations within and between us.  Then we are ready to be witnessed for the true healing to occur.

This is where group ritual and intentional ceremony can be a true catalyst.  This can also occur spontaneously between one man and woman, to move into sacred space and witness each other, transparently, not just as the person in front of you, but also as an emissary of their entire gender.

Where have we not opened to love?  What shields must be laid down between Wombyn and Man?  What stories are each still holding in their field about the other gender that perpetuates unsafety harbored in the womb?

Ask yourself right now ~ As a woman, do you still hold onto the subconscious belief that men are the sole perpetuators of the separation?  Are not willing to evolve and change?  Are the primary cause of the layers of suffering that you and countless women have endured?  Are not safe in general for you to open up your womb and your essence to?

Do you know that many of us men actually hold guilt within us for what ‘our kind’ has done in the past?  That as wounded warriors we long to return to the sanctity of the Divine Feminine (the womb) and heal our hearts through being truly received, seen, forgiven, and acknowledged for the lessons we have learned?  Can you forgive us for still perpetuating what our wounded fathers, society, and media have enforced us to be, who didn’t know how to express and share the essence of the feminine with us?  Can you also forgive our wounded teachers who imprinted us with overly ‘masculine’, aggressive, controlling, fear-based mental patterning?

How many women have I seen so deeply wounded by the masculine, that they carry that wound into every perception and every relating with men?  Will you do your part in laying your shield down and see us for who we truly are and growing into?

The stories that you have held onto out of insecurity can dissolve…. d i s s o l v e …  Where have you not opened to love?  Whatever locked energy you are capable of releasing in yourself, send that essence of freedom out to the collective, for surely millions, billions of other women have been enslaved by it as well, and perpetuated the cycle of strife between the genders.

Believe it or not, there are many men so willing to witness the women also release their genuine anger and grief towards men, so that ALL can step into the sovereignty of purity of Love.  As the ‘Healed Masculine’ steps into his sovereignty and claims his open valiant heart, he desires to see you healed, so he can truly show up for you in his potent openness and reverence.  But that can’t happen while you are holding him to his old pattern, or the archetypal wounded Man.

And nor can your womb open to make space not only for him, but for true conscious sacred conception, the fruit of the Divine Union we all long for.  This is the ultimate purpose in my Primordial Womb Ceremony, an experience for both women and men to prepare their being for ‘Immaculate Conception.’  There are many levels to this process, but first we must understand what ‘Immaculate Conception’ means in this regard.

Immaculate conception is the diamond clarity within our soul and body to become a vessel for the energies of Genesis to conceive through us…. I will add that this is not just to conceive a child, but for any true conception of an immaculate manifestation into this world.  This is where men also can be immaculate conceivers….

First is to purify the womb (or the Hara for men).  Clearing the womb of any traumas or imprints is the base preparation needed to restore the sacred space within.

Next is to claim full Sovereignty of your Womb.  Since you are birthing from a place outside of Creation, from the primordial emptiness, the seed or birth must not be connected, tied into, or influenced by any forces outside of itself.  This means release from all cords, contracts, elements, or people that bind us to earthly body, mind, emotions, or desires.

Then we are ready for Consecration.  Now that we are empty and sovereign, we can ask and pray that all energies we receive pass only through the gateway of the Sacred Heart and will directly serve the acceleration of the Plan of Ascension of all beings…

As the Light Conception in the womb opens, we are plugging into the Umbilicus Universalis, which establishes a connection to the womb within womb within womb, of our self within Gaia within the womb of the Cosmic Mother.

Then we understand that we are truly birthed from the Void and are holding the void within us where the energies of Genesis perpetually emerge.  Whatever is birthed intentionally from this place has the seal of Divinity encoded in it, and is supported by the Divine as such….

These are not only the steps to an Immaculate Conception, but to healing ourselves from the gender traumas, the perceived separation from God / Fall from Eden, and to creating a new Civilization.  Most have realized on their healing journey at this point that whenever one heals something within themselves, they can be a vehicle for healing that same wound within Humanity at large.

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In Service to your Resurrection,


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