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Dear Womb Illumination Sisters,

As I sit here today feeling into the collective of women gathering here to share this wisdom, I know that every one of you has a transmission to offer through your own womb. In order for you to allow that full transmission to emerge, there is a journey into your womb which must occur.

When Shona and I first spoke about my womb interview, one of the topics which we felt would be powerful to share was to explore grief and some of the darker emotions which are gateways into the womb wisdom. There were so many juicy topics to explore that we spent very little time with this topic, and I feel it would be helpful for you all to have a little more encouragement in this area. And this particular moon is supportive of this energy as well.

As we move into the month of September we are beginning to transition from Summer into the Autumn. Just as Mother Nature shares her full spectrum of expression in the shifting seasons, so do we as expressions of the Goddess. At this time we are moving towards less sunlight, and inviting more darkness into our lives. This is the time we begin the descent inwards. This new moon also coincides with an eclipse of the sun, further adding to the move away from the light.

The journey into full wom(b)anhood. is a journey of integration, and a journey into claiming all parts of self, including the dark and misunderstood parts. If we are to fully claim our power, and the immense capacity our womb contains as a gateway and oracle, we must journey into our own underground places and claim our inner “demons” and disowned parts of self.

The womb illumination journey is here to support you in owning your deepest feminine power, and I know this journey will not always be light, bright, golden, and easy, and I want to support you in being Ok with that. To claim your womb is to take the Heroine’s journey which requires courage, and grit, and deep devotion to your awakening. Are there any places inside which you are resisting dropping into? Are you holding onto undigested grief, rage, anger, or unprocessed sexual trauma and boundary crossings which you are afraid to allow yourself to acknowledge? The womb journeying invites you to start the descent inwards.

As my own womb began to open herself to me for the first time, and I became initiated into her magic and the sorcery, I was simultaneously going through a deep grieving process after the death of my father. What I discovered was that as long as I resisted feeling the immensity of loss, and pain, and grief, and anger, and the longing that truly was present for me, that I would prolong my own suffering, and also prevent myself from dropping into the power of my deeper feminine wisdom. For many women, we are fearful of the demons, and dragons, and “chaotic” emotions which reside in the lower parts of our bodies, and prefer to remain riding the surface of the upper chakra areas most of the time. However, when we have the courage to descend into our own underground we recover and reclaim power and treasures beyond our wildest imagination.

During the time that I was grieving, I was drawn to the story of ancient Sumerian Goddess Inanna and her descent into the underworld. She was the Queen of Heaven and Earth, and she chose to visit the Underworld in order to grieve her sister Ereshkigal’s ( Queen of the Underworld) husband’s death. As she descended into the Underworld she had to enter through 7 gates and at each gate remove an article of clothing such as her crown, her scepter, and her breast plate.. until she arrived finally, naked and bowed low. She spent 3 days and nights hanging dead in the underworld before she was retrieved and brought back to life. (Yes-this is the original tale of the resurrection long before Christianity). This is the tale of the Heroine’s Journey, and this is also the tale of the journey into our womb to claim our deepest power as a woman. This is the journey of the mature female. When Inanna returns from the underworld she has reclaimed a part of herself, and become whole.

This is actually the path of true self love. We can feel the presence of a woman who has owned her shadows, and claimed her full self. This is true feminine power, and this is a woman who has dropped fully into her body and her soul. This is a woman who is seated on her inner throne, and become a true Queen. This is the potential available to us, if we have the courage to descend.

I wrote this little piece at this time when I was delving into my womb, embracing my grief, and beginning to journey back into the light.”

“When you’ve been steeped in darkness, and tasted your depths, embracing your light is that much more sweet. Every woman’s path to union with the divine is journeyed through a descent. There is a face of the goddess who is young and golden and untouched, and then there is a goddess who has been to Hades, who has suffered, who has peeled away a layer at each gateway into the heart of darkness. Loss changes you, and there is no way to escape the suffering. But when we have the courage to descend, to offer ourselves fully to the experience of facing our shadows, an illumination occurs. A phosphorescent glow in the midst of the darkness. The way that coal glistens and shines in the dark, and diamonds are mined from deep underground. The pain is transmuted into something of inestimable value. We emerge above ground again one day with a smile that is tinged with something deeper in the eyes. A deeper capacity to love. A diamond faceted heart. With each descent more facets revealed, more places for the light to enter. And this journey must be experienced through the body, through our breath. The breath is our transportation into our depths. The resistance to the descent is the true cause of suffering and pain that persists; The desire to remain above the surface, shortening our breath and retreating from our bodies. Plunge, plunge into your depths goddess. Your true light will be revealed through your union and integration. The path to fully woman is wide and deep.”

During this dark new moon and eclipse of the sun, as we head into fall, I encourage you to embrace the darkness. Embrace the shadows, and all those inner dragons which are only beautiful parts of yourself waiting to be seen, and loved so you can claim your fullest power.

With deep love,



  1. Kathleen

    I found your sharing to be so empowering. It’s just what I needed to hear. It instilled in me a sense of fierce love and self ownership, courage and maturity. I am delving into some very dark aspects of my shadow that are hard to feel. This helped me drop the resistance, put my arm around her and take a strong stance. Thank you so much for sharing this. This also spoke to me of how much we need the sisterhood!

    • Amanda

      Kathleen- I’m so glad to hear that the post is helping you to feel OK dropping into whatever shadow parts are wanting to come through right now. Whenever we have the courage to drop into and embody our “ugly” parts, our true beauty deepens and shines. Keep on going. You’ve got sisters on the journey with you! Love, Amanda

  2. Devon

    Thank you for this beautiful reflection. I missed this week’s video womb transmission, and yet your blog summed everything up perfectly. I embrace the grieving process in my life in the time it takes for healing. Thank you.

  3. Brigitte Becu

    I just listened to the Goddess Keys Recording. The first impression that comes to me is that this wisdom puts all pieces together for me. It simplicifies and explanes everything I need to know to awaken my feminime power. Especially to understand that for the compassionate heart the lower energies first have to fuel the hearts energy is very important information for me. I am into a process of twin souls and twin flame energy, yet also married and mother of 4 children.

    For the 9/9/9 gate I was in the energy of my twin soul, I understand now so well, this energy opens this lower energy so strongly, these fires burning and shakti running through my body are so strong, only in this energy these energies fully open. Here I now know to bring balance in these energies through my hearts energy. I know about the kundalini rising, the burning fires have to grow gradually and Mother Mary is the guardian of the kundalini, through her this kundalini can rise in a safe way for the Soul’s growth.

    As you describe, being with my twin is for me a very strong catalysor to drop into the lower energies and my souls purpose and wisdom.

    I spend 2 years descending into the darkness in connection with my twinsoul, this was guided by the energy of the Black Madonna, I didn’t know where I was stepping into, but I knew this was the right thing, as in the start there was her energy very strongly as if to say, now you are stepping into a new learning process, … it was into the darkness.

    Through all, I now understand these processes were necessary and are necessary, where as till now not so many people around me understand, going through the karmic healing was a tremendous work and still is. Fear from not being understood, fear for anger around me, strong emotions, …
    So the warrior in me gradually will grow stronger to choose for the Queen in me, but as I understand more this process of awakening the feminime power, I now step into a new way of growing, where the different energies can grow in harmony, and my warrior energy get’s stronger, beautifull how you describe the liquid Goddess shield around us when aventually those energies can flow and rise, this shield will protect me now, so I can grow safely.

    Thank you so much Amanda, such a beautifull work and wisdom you share. XXX


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