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Featured Experts

Anaiya Pristis Sophia
Mystic, Author & Initiator of Sacred Marriage

Anaiya Sophia is a mystic, author and initiator of Sacred Marriage. She is a wellspring of both wisdom and experience and is known for her role in birthing New Paradigm Relationships, Divine Sexuality and the Awakening of the Sacred Body. Anaiya administers the Feminine expression of Christ Consciousness coming from the spiritual tradition of Mary Magdalene, a continuous lineage with the Feminine Principle that throughout the centuries has preserved its spiritual dignity, without need for permission or recognition from the patriarchy. Her passion and unyielding faith in this process is infectious and dependable.

Anaiya is no spiritual lightweight. She offers medicine of a gnostic variety, understanding the need to feel the staggering love of the universe in every cell of the body in order for us to truly birth what we are capable of birthing. She believes, or perhaps more rightly KNOWS, that the time has come for us all to take part in the birth of the Divine Human. The Divine Human emerges out of the mysteries of the sacred marriage – an alchemical process in which the opposites in us (particularly masculine and feminine) are fused to create a divine third – the androgynous “love child” that is the Divine Human. Her realm of transformation lies within the internal conflicts and influences within us that resist Sacred Union, both internally and externally. Her vision is a world where innocence reigns, hence her skills reside in:

  • Burning through the layers of Co-dependency, Resistance and Independence
  • Spiritual Direction to fortify your authenticity
  • Cultivating your own internal Sacred Marriage
  • Showing up in external Sacred Marriage
  • The Radical Truth of your Divine Masculine
  • The Mystical Wisdom of your Divine Feminine
  • How to prepare and birth Divine Relationship
  • Ecstasy: Woman’s Natural State of Being
  • Presence: Man’s Natural State of Being
  • Activating the Gifts Laying Buried in Sacred Relationship

Soul Initiator & Facilitator,
Founder of the Eternal Flame Sanctuary

As a Global Visionary, Soul Awareness Facilitator, Sacred Ceremonialist & Spiritual Artist, Amoraea’s passion for awakening our ‘Divine Human’ potential has led to a treasury of embodied teachings and events ministering the evolution of the species.

Western culture has forgotten the ancient art of Initiation, an alchemical process to raise you through successive stages of embodied mastery, inner freedom, and mystical connection to Life. We all love the idea of resurrection, yet we need a breakthrough experience that catapults us beyond our inner walls.

Amoraea is an Initiator who holds the mirror up for your Mastery to become visible and transmute hidden aspects you have veiled yourself from. Through 20 years of consistent internal exploration and esoteric education, ‘The Phoenix Code’ has taken shape as an extensive experiential approach to breaking through our false identity and awakening to our Ecstatic Potential as Divine Humans on a dynamic and infinitely evolving journey. Amoraea draws from many ‘Alchemical Arts’ to create a whole-systems transformation in your psyche, soul, heart, and body so that the resurrected new light in you is grounded without old patterns finding root again.

Being in Presence with the healed and awakened Masculine is a critical reflection for many women to feel the safe return to their Divine Feminine essence. Amoraea has worked with many women in the remembrance of their original essence by holding this balance point of Divine Union within, creating sacred space for Feminine empowerment on both personal and planetary levels…

Amanda Young
Urban Goddess

Amanda has been impacting women’s lives, and challenging the status quo through the unique vision of her company, Urban Goddess, for over 10 years. Urban Goddess is dedicated to educating and supporting women in the process of awakening to a new experience of feminine power.  Through coaching hundreds of women, Amanda discovered a model and a process that helps women reach their highest potential by connecting them to the 3 universal powers of womanhood based on Goddess archetypes.  Amanda has a special gift which allows this ancient knowledge and wisdom to be easily accessible and applied in practical ways for the contemporary “urban” woman.

Amanda has led workshops and retreats which explore ancient Goddess mythologies and how they apply to the modern woman in locations such as Costa Rica, Big Sur, Malibu, and New York City. In its most recent incarnation, Urban Goddess is an immersive course and community in New York City and Los Angeles, that directs conscious women in the cultivation of a feminine-based spiritual practice. Calling on Goddess archetypes, ancient and esoteric knowledge which has been translated into easy and accessible contemporary concepts, and embodiment practices, Urban Goddess leads women on a journey deep into their bodies and souls, into a rich experience of life that allows them to experience themselves in a way that redefines how we think about feminine power.

Indigomoon Enemark
Women’s Wisdom Keeper

Indigomoon Enemark is a Women’s Wisdom Keeper, creator of Inner Woman Yoga & her signature workshop Master Your Menstrual Cycle, helping women around the world awaken their Inner Woman & turn their menstrual cycle into a muse for living life as the woman they came here to be.

Having both seen and personally experienced the transformation, and deep healing that happens when a woman truly comes home to her feminine center, Indigomoon is committed to helping women create pleasurable cycles, feel radiant, and feminine from menses to menopause and beyond, become emotionally wise, and find their true voice. She blends feminine spirituality, intuitive pelvic bowl work, and a deep understanding of the female cyclic body and psyche to create transformational experiences in her mentoring programs, online workshops, women’s yoga and Womb Massage sessions.

Donna Raymond
Founder of Wise Wombman, Sacred
Feminine Mentor, Educator and writer

Donna Raymond, founder of Wise Wombman, is a Sacred Feminine Mentor, Educator and writer, working primarily as a facilitator of Women’s Mysteries, Sacred Circles, Rituals, Workshops and healing intensives. Through her journey in birthing the Wise Wombman Mystery School, she has designed and created her own signature workshops and online courses which focus on cultivating Authenticity and Self Empowerment by bringing awareness to and integrating the Shadow Self, clearing trauma, energetic blockages and ancestral/collective wounds carried in the Womb and subconscious. Donna’s work has been dubbed as primal, archetypal and deeply shamanic and continues to inspire and empower women around the world.

Based in Kuranda, Australia with her partner and 3 daughters, she also facilitates a monthly Womb Temple (red tent) from her home and creates custom made ceremonies and rituals for significant rites of passage, such as marriage, wakes and various blessings ceremonies.

Jumana Sophia
Teacher, Mentor & Founder of
AquaMystica and Woman as a Temple

Jumana is a beloved teacher, mentor, and soul shepherdess. An ordained priestess with over two decades of immersive experience, she is the founder of AquaMystica, a ministry program and water temple devoted to the spiritual, baptismal, deep feminine practice of the warm water healing arts. She has co-directed the Goddess Temple of Ashland for the past six years, serving as ceremonialist, initiator, temple dancer, and social architect. She has facilitated countless women’s circles and ceremonies, with a gift for dropping a circle below the story and surface into a truly compelling, potent, revelatory experience that draws from the self-realized depths of each woman.

To extend beyond her local community, Jumana founded Woman As Temple, a broader offering via online courses, webinars, and women’s retreats. Her course, “Break the Grip of Past Lovers,” is one of DailyOM’s all-time top ten bestsellers. Jumana holds the deep feminine mysteries with a safe, soulful, inclusive, powerful, yet practical mastery. Over the past two decades of immersive study, practice, and refinement she has fostered an integrity of presence and an authentic, living wisdom that her community both deeply trusts and loves.

Lillie Claire Love
Self-Love, Sensuality & Success Coach

Lillie Claire has worked as a hands on energy healer with EFT, Reiki and Access Bars for 7 years. She is a certified Primal Core Yoga, Tantra Teacher and Life Coach. Lillie intends to give other women permission to own their sensuality, sexuality, beauty and power. She aims to do her part in healing the relationship between men and women through Tantric practices, sensual healing and sacred relationship coaching. She believes SelfLove,Compassion, Acceptance, Self Responsibility and Communication are the keys to our daily joy, freedom and peace.

Beth Leone
Taoist Priestess

Beth Leone loves to connect people to the beauty and power within them. She has dedicated her life to the exploration of human potential, immersing herself in the sacred arts of shamanism, martial arts, qigong, sexuality, and spirituality. Her passion for spiritual understanding led her to train with masters and grandmasters in the high arts of life. She trained for many years in shamanism, Shaolin Kung Fu and Taoist Qigong becoming a 5th degree black belt and the first female Master in her martial art lineage. She has blazed her own trail in this life, creating her own thing. She has traveled to the ends of the earth… to find the beauty and magic that lies within her… and within you…

She has left the secure walls of the kingdom to travel alone – a wandering Taoist gypsy – to forge her own path and to walk the way of the goddess… Her predominant orientation is that of a healer and her favorite thing to do is to heal. Since childhood, Beth has had a deep connection to the natural world – to animals and the spirit world spending most of her childhood in forests. Beth began healing at the age of 5. Today, she incorporates shamanism, martial art principles and sexual evolution into her offering for the evolution of self.

Naia Leigh
Co-Founder of Boundless Modality & Women’s Empowerment Coach

Naia thrives on life’s beauty, creativity and supporting others in their passions and purpose. She is a women’s empowerment coach, writer and artist, and guides both the individual and collective process of women’s empowerment. She is the co-founder of Boundless®, a modality that clears the root causes of blockages, and she leads international retreats and Boundless trainings.

From being confronted at an early age with a lot of emotional and physical healing challenges, Naia has been on a long and powerful journey of overcoming anxiety, sexual abuse, illness and other mental, physical, emotional and spiritual challenges. At the early age 21 she completed her Therapeutic Life Coaching certification, and began to go deeper into modalities such as NLP, Past Life Regression therapy, breathwork and channeling. In 2012 Naia was guided to live on Kauai to go deeper into her healing process and began to co-develop a new modality called “Boundless”. Boundless became a core-healing method that efficiently uncovers and also clears the root causes of issues and blockages preventing forward growth. Naia’s passion and proficiency in Boundless allowed her to actively step more fully into her life’s purpose, creative gifts, art, writing, and greater service to women, and the planet. She now empowers women through supporting the emergence of greater sensuality, purpose, creativity, and personal power on the individual and collective scale.

Her mission is to create sacred space for women to reunite, heal, and empower one another to be all that they are, and support a new feminine leadership in the world.

Aradia Julia Sunseri
Ritual Movement Arts (TM)
Founder & Instructor

Aradia has over 15 years of experience in the movement arts and performance in theater, on film and stage. Expressing the anatomy of the soul through ritual dance and original handmade costumes. As an interdisciplinary artist,priestess and lifelong yogini, Aradia is devoted to remembrance of the of divine feminine. Aradia’s unique style incorporates Tribal/ Temple fusion belly dance, modern dance, fire dance, ballet and butoh. Aradia’s art is rooted in yoga,somatic dance therapy modalities, ritual performance & theatrical improvisation.


Is an innovative blend of Hatha yoga , Temple Fusion Belly dance, & Ritual Theatre.

Enter into the mandala of sacred dance dance & explore the art of women’s vitality practices. Since 2008 (R.MA) Founder & instructor Aradia Sunseri has been teaching women’s workshops, retreats, & festivals internationally. Honoring the transmissions & lineage work of sacred dance she weaves the meditative aspects of ceremony & cultivation of personal practice. Empowering the global sisterhood in awakening into the body’s natural wisdom & ecstasy of self expression.

Achintya Devi
Founder of Goddess Rising

Goddess Rising, a Global Sisterhood and School of Women’s Wisdom & Moon Mysteries, dedicated to activating and empowering the Wild Sacred Feminine within women worldwide through Moon Priestess Trainings and Leadership Certifications, Wild Sacred Women Retreats, a HerStory Rising Publication and an Online Global Moon Sisters Temple.

As a Women’s Wisdom Guide & Teacher, Ordained Priestess, Wholistic Health Practitioner, Acupressure Therapist and Kundalini Yoga & Meditation Teacher, she is especially passionate about women reclaiming and embodying the rhythm of their Womb Moon Wisdom and rising together in sisterhood to reawaken the collective Feminine Power for lasting transformation within and to serve as Sacred Feminine Leaders in this era of great Planetary Awakening.

Achintya is from British Colombia, teaches and travels internationally and is based on the island of Maui.

Oliver Huntley
Founder of Awakening Masculine

With a deep reverence for the work the divine feminine has been doing on the planet, Oliver Huntley is in service to support and guide the awakening masculine consciousness to rise as well. Focusing his path on Embodied Living, Conscious Relationships, and New Earth Brotherhood – Fatherhood, he is creating a new definition of what being a “Man” is in today’s evolving world.

As the founder of Awakening Masculine, Oliver facilitates through coaching and online courses. Specializing in the essential parts of Embodying Spirituality as a man, how to create and maintain a Conscious Loving Relationship with your partner, and the wisdom of Conscious Conception & Preconception Cleansing as fatherhood arrives.

Halo Seronko
Shakti Temple Arts
Founder, Women’s Wisdom Guide
and Temple Dancer

Halo Seronko is the creatrix of Shakti Temple Arts where she serves as a Temple Dancer, Priestess and Tantric Yogini guiding women deeper into their innate radiance and power as the living Goddess, Shakti.

Living between the holy land of India and the USA for the past 6 years, Halo has been bridging the worlds by bringing ancient traditions of Shakti embodiment to the West. While in India she studies Classical Indian Temple Dance and Tantra, and goes on extensive pilgrimages to sacred sites of the Goddess. The mysteries of the feminine and of the womb have been her guiding lights upon her quest for deeper and deeper embodied understanding of the Goddess, and thus she has been diving deep into ancient practices of Shakti cultivation from various traditions for the past decade.

Laüra Hollick
Soul Art Shaman

Laüra Hollick is an award-winning artist, founder of Soul Art Studio, and the creator of this Yoni Art Project. Laüra is known as a midwife for the soul and inspires audiences around the world with her weekly ‘Pure Inspiration’ Newsletter, and her global creative projects like International Soul Art Day, The Global Vision Quest, and the nü Icon Movie. BRAVO TV created a documentary about Laüra’s art and life called ‘The Artist’s Life-Laura Hollick’. She is a passionate explorer of the Divine Feminine and all the ways to express and embody her genius!

Shona Keeli Jones
Yoni Empress and Womb Whisperer

Found-her and practitioner at Womb Illumination facilitating Womb and Yoni Healing sessions, Menstrual Moon Magic, Blood Mysteries Rituals, Yoni Products, and Deeping Feminine Wisdom. She is a Maya Abdominal and Tantric Yoni Massage Therapist, Theta Practitioner, Sacred Birthing Doula, and Akhanda Yoga & Meditation Teacher.

Shona is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Feminine Consciousness that is bringing balance back onto our planet. By diving deeper into the magic and mysteries of the womb for healing, creation and love, she supports women on the journey of remembering the sacredness of their feminine vortex. Holding an impeccable space for healing, self-care and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their own body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Mayan and Tantric traditions. She is present in this time of awakening, to support the unfoldment of the divine feminine expression and exploration of our inner power through our womb center – the birth place of all creation and the most pristine untapped energy available to a woman. She empowers women to remember how to practice and embody supreme self-love, stewarding open the temple doors for a magical manifestation of a truly radiant, rich, yummy, and juicy life. Shona is here to support all woman to awaken to the throne of their own inner Queendom.

Shona is from Australia, and is now based on the island of Kauai, Hawaii with her beloved renowned NMRT Therapist Micah Skye and their three avatar children, all born on the island of sacred Kauai. Outside of her current 9 month webinar, Womb illumination, she has an international healing practice based on the Garden Island with her beloved offering healing sessions, workshops, and retreats.

Dakota Chanel
Mermaid of the Magdalen

Dakota Chanel is The Mermaid of the Magdalen, creatress of Temple of the Dove, and co-founder of Sensual Sisterhood. Dakota Chanel is an ordained water priestess, muse, mystic, and sound healer. She is dedicated to the remembrance of feminine ecstatic wisdom restoring balance upon our sacred earth. She grew up with a shamanic mother who would take her on guided ceremonies since she was a teenager. She studied at AquaMystica water temple with her teacher Jumana Sophia for 2 years in addition to graduating from massage and sound healing school before moving to the magical island of Kauai in 2016 to attend a 5-month Sacred Birthing Doula training. Kauai has taught her that we are children of the most beautiful love story in the universe and that natural life is an act of love making. She inspires other women to connect deeply to their own unique essence through her hands on healing, writings, songs, photos, Skype sessions, online courses, and retreats. She currently resides in Kauai with her beloved, at the Temple of the Dove, raw food sanctuary. It is a physical healing space that offers priestess arts remembrance as well as mermaid baths, and much more! Dakota is the found-her of the Sensual Sisterhood movement, an online portal dedicated to the embodiment of the pristine template of sisterhood.

Sofiah Thom
Creator of Temple Body Arts, School of Sacred Sensuality and Dance

Sofiah is a creative muse and mentor, Sacred Movement Artist, Teacher and Trainer committed to guiding women to connect with their brilliance. She is the creator of The School of Temple Body Arts™ offering in-depth immersions and teacher training, on-line and in person to help women access their creative potential and Live their YES. She is the co-author of The Path of the Priestess Book: Discover Your Divine Purpose. Sofiah teaches and performs in person around the globe. Driven by her lifelong passion for dance, creative expression, and tantra yoga, Sofia creates a safe container for personal empowerment, through sacred movement and inner exploration. Alongside her husband Brendan, Sofiah co-founded the Envision Festival in Costa Rica, a conscious festival celebrating music, art, and sacred movement. Together, they co-founded Danyasa Eco-Retreat in the beautiful beach town of Dominical, Costa Rica

Jillian Anderson
Writer and Priestess Coach

As a writer and Priestess coach, Jillian helps spiritual + creative women, step into next-level purpose, pleasure, and prosperity, by accessing and cultivating the power of their sacred sexual energy. She believes that embodiment invites abundance, and that a woman’s deepest fulfillment is the medicine she brings to the planet. Jillian writes and teaches from her home where she lives with her partner + son.

About Shona

Shona Keeli Jones is a light bearer and energetic midwife to the wave of Feminine Consciousness that is bringing balance back onto our planet. By working with and diving deeper into the magic and mysteries of the womb for healing, creation and love, she supports women on the journey of remembering the sacredness of their feminine vortex. Holding an impeccable space for healing, self-care and revelation, she assists the rebirthing of women ready to become a natural authority of their own body wisdom to access their fullest, creative and magnetic potential. Her wisdom is drawn from ancient womb religions and practices spanning thousands of years including Mayan and Tantric traditions.

We are calling on all women who know they are being called deeper into their innate body wisdom, into their wombs to join the sisterhood for this magical birth. We are calling on the woman who bleed with the moon and know they are the daughters of this sacred Mother Earth!


Rosa, UK

” This series of transmissions has helped me stay connected to the moon cycles and be excited for every new and full moon. Every person Shona has hosted has been so inspiring with their unique wisdom. Shona has built a sense of sisterhood and community that I feel a lot of us crave. The powerful opening meditations have given me new tools with breath, sound, and imagery to connect to my body and feel both more rooted and more expanded.I’ve always struggled with truly loving my body, especially that area from the navel down. This work takes the relationship with yourself to a whole new level. How many of us experience our yonis as sacred?Collectively we’ve stored so much here, from grief and anger, to fear, trauma, and ancestral wounds. Having the support of these webinars has also encouraged me to read up (Wild Feminine, Path of the Priestess, Womb Wisdom, Yoni Shakti…) and look into the stories of my mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. It’s helped me to see both what gifts have been passed down, and also what fears – blocks to joy, lack of safety, worries about money. Bringing old patterns to light has helped me change the direction of my journey forwards.It’s been a joyful journey too. Both through the meditations and the sharing, being able to feel that deep sense of life force that is waiting to rise. It’s helped me connect more fully to my desires, to my self-care, to my practical daily life, and to my juiciness.Illuminating your womb will call you to face up to anything you’ve tried to hide from, and also reveal your most aligned and luminous self. Your relationship to money, sex & power all rest in this space, along with joy, flow, grounding, manifestation and a celebration of life.Thank you, Shona for being such a goddess and for reminding us all that we are too.”


Jennifer Blanton, Cincinnati OH

“I am 33 years old and have been trying to get pregnant for the past 7 years without success. I honestly had given up hope completely. A great friend introduced me to womb illumination and I have thoroughly enjoyed and participated in every transmission. Tuesday I found out that I am expecting and I couldn’t be happier. I totally give credit to you and your guests for helping me pull together this ancient wisdom and strength to finally bring formation to my own tribe. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!”

Lola, Germany

“I really loved being part of this journey. There were so many different perspectives of women and men, who honor the womb and the yoni in their own ways. I loved hearing about the rituals with blood and about sacred dance and especially the work with the yoni egg. I also felt a strong resonance with what the women shared as their womb stories.”

Liz, Canada

“The womb illumination journey was like nothing I expected or have ever experienced. I have healed or begun to heal so many aspects of my feminine self. I have allowed my inner child to come forward for healing….as well as my teenage, young adult and present selves. There were times in the beginning of this journey that I questioned whether I was in the right place. I felt alienated in some ways as I am no longer menstruating and a lot of the material centred around sacred blood and blood offerings. But I persevered and was called to stay the course.
I realize now the vast importance of a woman in menopause to have been on this journey. My maiden….that beautiful soul who was so wounded during those years of sacred blood…needed to somehow be a part of the journey along with all of you during your offerings and ceremony. Through all of you beautiful sisters and your willingness to share your journey, I was able to realize some deep healing that I may never have received otherwise. I learned the importance of returning blood to the earth, and how to honour it. I healed that young innocent maiden who was raised in a belief system who dictated that those times were to be kept hidden, and flushed down the toilet or taken out with the trash. I felt an enormous amount of sadness surrounding this….I mourned my wounded soul, all the sacred blood I wasted. But I also began to heal and rejoice….at the birth of a new dawn, an awakening and a realization of the sacred feminine. I have cried so many tears on this journey….tears of anger, frustration, shame, sadness. But also tears of intense, illuminated joy, gratitude and celebration! I have healed in ways I couldn’t possibly have imagined in the beginning, and you have created the most magical, yummy and beautiful community ever! I am ever so grateful for this safe space created…..
The healing will continue as I now have the tools and resources that my spirit so needed. Thank you Shona , Dakota and all your guests for your wisdom, your vulnerability, your open-ness and willingness to open your own wounds for us to witness, share and heal in. You are light workers….you are illuminating the world. You have certainly helped illuminate mine, and I hope to carry that forward and help illuminate others. In endless gratitude and with boundless blessings.”

Jessica, USA

“This womb illumination webinar series has gotten me in touch with what it means to be a womban, and reclaim the divine feminine within myself. Throughout this journey, I have learned ways to support my womb and my sacred blood cycle by purchasing the Love cup and a Jade egg through the yoni boutique. I have learned sacred practices from priestesses about ways to use the yoni egg to support womb health, and also practices to clear the womb and release energies of past lovers, which can be so important for women. Shona’s and all the healers’ stories have inspired me to support my womb as a sacred vessel, and I am so honored to listen to each presenter’s vulnerability and passions.”

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