” This series of transmissions has helped me stay connected to the moon cycles and be excited for every new and full moon. Every person Shona has hosted has been so inspiring with their unique wisdom. Shona has built a sense of sisterhood and community that I feel a lot of us crave. The powerful opening meditations have given me new tools with breath, sound, and imagery to connect to my body and feel both more rooted and more expanded.I’ve always struggled with truly loving my body, especially that area from the navel down. This work takes the relationship with yourself to a whole new level. How many of us experience our yonis as sacred?Collectively we’ve stored so much here, from grief and anger, to fear, trauma, and ancestral wounds. Having the support of these webinars has also encouraged me to read up (Wild Feminine, Path of the Priestess, Womb Wisdom, Yoni Shakti…) and look into the stories of my mother, grandmothers, and great-grandmothers. It’s helped me to see both what gifts have been passed down, and also what fears – blocks to joy, lack of safety, worries about money. Bringing old patterns to light has helped me change the direction of my journey forwards.It’s been a joyful journey too. Both through the meditations and the sharing, being able to feel that deep sense of life force that is waiting to rise. It’s helped me connect more fully to my desires, to my self-care, to my practical daily life, and to my juiciness.Illuminating your womb will call you to face up to anything you’ve tried to hide from, and also reveal your most aligned and luminous self. Your relationship to money, sex & power all rest in this space, along with joy, flow, grounding, manifestation and a celebration of life.Thank you, Shona for being such a goddess and for reminding us all that we are too.”