01-Womb Illumination Begins Here

Womb Illumination Membership


✦ Womb Illumination Begins Here ✦

Join thousands of women as we initiate into the Awakening of the Womb!

We are calling on all women who know they are being called deeper into their innate body wisdom, into their wombs to join the sisterhood for this magical Remembrance of ” The Rose Lineage “. We are calling on the woman who bleed with the moon and know they are the daughters of this sacred Mother Earth!


Product Description

1. Membership: Access to the Womb Illumination Membership platform with all of the 18 transmissions for the past 9-months and the next 9-months, March-January 2017. That’s full access the Akashic Spiraling library of over 30+ hours of Womb Experts Ancient Womb Wisdom from all over the world.

*Anaiya Sophia, Beth Leone, Pheonix Na Gig, Naia Leigh, Azra and Seren Bertrand to mention a few of the leading Womb Experts!

2. Womb Transmissions: Exclusive monthly, never seen before ” Womb Transmissions “ with highly experienced Womb Experts

3. Extras Free Unique Gifts: discounts on retreats, online courses, womb and yoni healing tool.Surprise gifts, supportive and juicy, for your journey into your Womb Temple!


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