Remembrance, The Rose Lineage, 28-day Initiation


Join us for the full 28-day journey, a full lunar cycle in sync, as we initiate into the crimson codes of our feminine lineage, alongside our sisters from all over the world. Together we dive deep into the mystery and the magic that is within the feminine rhythms and cycles, with our sisterhood of the rose, together let’s unite and remember.

* Does not come with Love Cup!



Product Description

1. Daily Practice

Every day for the full 28-day initiation you will receive practices that are in sync with your cycle. Either a ritual, ceremony, practice, prayer, meditation, guidance, transmission or recipe.

2. Enter The Temple Sister

Exclusive access to a fully activated online ” Sisterhood of The Rose ” private temple space, facebook group. For a supportive, sacred, safe and sensuous sisterhood experience.

3. Two Live Lunar Ceremonial Calls

On the New and Full Moons in our initiation, there will be a live call for sacred blood rituals/womb rites and lunar mysteries ceremonies. We will explore the potency in our collective prayers, unifying and anchoring the Remembrance of The Magdalene Rose.

4. Menstrual Mystics

Throughout the four phases of our feminine cycle, the menstrual, follicular, ovulation and luteal there will be the 13 featured menstrual mystics sharing added bonus practices, rituals, meditations, gifts and magic to match the phase you are in.

5. Love Cup Upgrade

Here at Womb Illumination, we have our very own menstrual cup that we made, it’s our deep honor to offer them as an environmentally friendly and cost-effective way to collect your monthly moon blood. There is an option below to receive a Love Cup along with the 28-day initiation.



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